he​(​r​)​ART Struck (ft. Jamil)

from by B*dot*Jeff

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Oh woman divine, major graphic design
Picture us as a team, play it all in my mind
Poetic prophetic, I study line after line
When I think of your couplets I lose it time after time
Your words are novel uh
Don't keep them bottled up
How could I approach a classic in every way.
Silky smooth every sentence.
Tension in every phrase
Your mind is the universe
You fly when you do the words
I think I could do the worst
Feel you in my art
I feel you in my art
ICU can you heal me
I see you in my heart
Make me numb, make me numb
Talk to me simply, you know you're making dumb
Crazy in every sense

Love is madness, love is madness
I want to know you, I love the madness
Can I can I can I? X2

I'm so

[I'm so into you
You can see it in my eyes
You my prize on my mind
I just wanna spend some time
With you, with you
I'm so into you (x2)

I just walk into the room
There stands a queen I presume
Or someone of royal standing
Her smile lights up a room
Art major, thick thighs, nerd chic
Need a side of fries
With that shake
Oh my mistake
I came off inconsiderate
Your style it intimidates
I'll admit, a little bit

Walk in here like excuse me miss
Tryna be fly, too illegitimate
You see through the facade and all the fake shit
You talk about how you a different chick
And I gotta explain to you
That you caught me actin a fool
I never been a player and this game ain't a savior
I fail, these levels too hard
Bought this game in March
And I've only gotten this far
Been jih stuck at this part
Can you bring me back to start?
Or get me a couple cheat codes to get through this one
Or you could show how it's fun
Maybe we could have some fun
Co-Op is an option we should start at round one
Now I need to know you name and possibly your sign
There's that cliche that I know you hear all the time
So lets skip the small talk
(I don't do small talk)
Lets talk that big talk
Like the universe and our reason for existence
(Are there even aliens?) Man you gotta be kidding?
What's wrong with the world and all it's politics
Can we just love this world and all that inhabit it
Those are the convos I live for
And you live up to it, and more
Can we talk a little bit more
(Can we be a little bit more)
My jaw hits the floor
I've never felt this way before
Didn't know this was in store
That's all ever I wanted, of course
You're all I ever wanted, of course (of course)

[I'm so into you
You can see it in my eyes
You my prize on my mind
I just wanna spend some time
With you, with you
I'm so into you (x2)


from 727: Sugar Cubes & Experiences, released April 25, 2017
Prod. B*dot*Jeff & Wayne Wildman



all rights reserved


B*dot*Jeff Maryland

From PG County, MD. 301.
Been in 2 bands, and this is my solo Hip Hop music.
Listen. Download. Enjoy. As-Salamu Alaykum.

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