Wario (ft. Lugosi)

from by B*dot*Jeff

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So you messin with the kids
Know the flows so legit
And forget about the paper cause we broke as shit
Well, enough to get by
Enough for some food and a way to get high
So you know the reply
Get enough for a scuttle in a huddle run a puddle and get away before your ass gets in trouble
(Make it double)
No Team Rocket shit
But we Blastin off bitch
Jimmy Neutron shit (gotta blast)
You know we tryna get biiig
But not in the ego
Killin dudes with green blasts like I'm Sheego
This shit evil
Toxic gas, this shit lethal
But know that I'm actually quite peaceful
Quite peaceful
But I'll hit a nigga in the back that's a fact from the fact that he lacks the intuition and skill to keep from being wack, so he slacks in his slacks at his office job in fact that the racks that he lacks will never fall in his lap
That's fact
That's average
I ain't tryna live like that
Tryna be a Maverick
Not the NBA, don't really mess with 2K,
I don't play
That shit
But I'll ball bitch
No Spalden
But I'll fuck the beat up like it's my
I'm all in
Never die, never
But I'll fall in

[Jump bitch
Bitch go jump
Tryna go, go head and front
Jump jump
Go head and jump
Imma take all you want] (x2)

Oh shit, so I'm going in,
My homie killed this beat, call me Indian,
Don't want a quick treat, give me everything,
Yeah I want that beef, better fillet me in,
With the fillet mignon,
Call me Johnny Storm, cause I'm flaming on,
This the type of shit that they be laying on,
No sleeping, so you better lay me on,
Or you're a Lameon,
That's a Eeveelution,
No class, no hope, he be losing,
We fast, we dope, we keep it smooth and,
If you give me a pen I'ma kick it Beastie Boy,
Body Movin, yeah your boys electric,
Hypnotic, robotic, a rocket shit equipped with,
Chip controlled psychotic missiles,
Couldn't stop the kid, so just stop it,
I foresee me winning, I'm a prophet,
These fakers' only in it for the profit,
They the type that they don't try but they knock it,
Like the story about the wrist, you should watch it,
I ain't hearing it, my minds clear,
I spit out the curse and right my wrongs here,
Just let me go from right to wrong,
Fear is what you dogs feel,
Consuming your mind, I eat you alive,
I leave you behind a shell,
You can tell anybody,
No one is listening, know that I'm gifted,
Off yourself kid, I'll strike off my hitlist,
I intend to stay lifted, I'm here to live, my all's what i give,
Just let me know and I'll show with a verse that's well written cause I'm eloquent!

Someone hit the B switch
You know you bein a b-itch
I see you tryna scratch that Bee itch
You know how Bee spit
You niggas should just Bee-quit
Eating at a banquet you know that we be lit

Know that we be lit,
We super stars, you just C-list,
Ooooh my god, we facetious,
Cool but nah, you can't see us,
Get them Kelly's like Regis,
Sparking four sabers like Grievous

And your bitch about to please us
Never mind about that last line
You can ignore it like your teacher
Cause you niggas never learn, put your ass in an urn, make you see god, turn you into a believer
Now lemme take a breather, peace nerd

We about to stack the big cheese, Ed Wunsler,
I once heard,
Little bird chirped on a nigga, bout to feed just deserts,
Gone preacher,
Just trying to get a gold chain and a white T-shirt,

Egyptian cotton, I'm ballin
Watch me rockin them balmains
Dreams never cease into reality
Ain't no fallacy
Our bars rip at seams
Dudes lose their balance when they get hit by the beam

[Jump bitch
Bitch go jump
Tryna go, go head and front
Jump jump
Go head and jump
Imma take all you want] (x4)


from 727: Sugar Cubes & Experiences, released April 25, 2017
Prod. B*dot*Jeff



all rights reserved


B*dot*Jeff Maryland

From PG County, MD. 301.
Been in 2 bands, and this is my solo Hip Hop music.
Listen. Download. Enjoy. As-Salamu Alaykum.

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