Victoria Weber​/​/​Interlude (ft. West St)

from by B*dot*Jeff

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Heart break
Got punched and my heart aches
Our plate
There's a lot up in our face
Dealin with anxiety
How I feel about you got me Goin cray

I know
That we
Just met each other
But I
Feel like
We met since forever
Your vibe
Got me
I just
Want those
Sweet ol' kisses
I feel
We have
This connection
Love travels
Far and
In random directions
Who is
To say that
Fate has these plans
In simplest
Terms I
Wanna be your man

Can you
Grant me
One single wish
One date
With me
You'll love it, promise

I never put my own self out there
Your beauty is blinding, sorry if I stare
I stumble on my words around anyone so pretty
Poetic justice, that term is so fitting
Cause a poet is struggling to describe you
You're from another galaxy, it has to be true
Or an angel that fell from the sky, look at you
God mustered all his strength to create you
Made with such grace and originality too
I'm just tryna figure out you
Got me out here singing and shit
Don't serenade cause my voice not legit
But your presence has me out of my comfort zone
We jammin to Saba whenever at your home
You from chitown too, oh, what a surprise
Looks like the dime's so fine this time she's a prize
Piece in a gallery for all the world to see


from 727: Sugar Cubes & Experiences, released April 25, 2017
Prod. B*dot*Jeff, Lugosi, Broaddband, & Grant Kendricks



all rights reserved


B*dot*Jeff Maryland

From PG County, MD. 301.
Been in 2 bands, and this is my solo Hip Hop music.
Listen. Download. Enjoy. As-Salamu Alaykum.

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