Lawd! (ft. Fanaticus & Cody Brinks)

from by B*dot*Jeff

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Lemme think about this, I don't know
How should talk about this on my flow
I mean, I ain't from the Go, I don't stack hoes, but I'm better at rapping than you though
And that's true through
And you froze
And I'm constantly getting kudos
That's congratulations you absent minded ignoramus
I'm sorry, been on my DC shit, Lex just came out
I don't flex my aim out
I just lay low, fuck a beat up, and erase all doubt
My flow just stacks chips, makes rent, and kicks the bitches out
Damn, big spender now
Don't get it twisted, I'm still trapped in the basement
With five racists
Who thinks all time is wasted
But I'll leave here half wasted
And half complacent
Before I ever let a lame like you keep me out
(No doubt!)
And I'm only speaking the truth
My effort is Babe Ruth
Passin mother fuckers on cruise
And still doin this shit for free spittin my life up in a booth
Nothing Shady about Marshall Mathers here, do you need to see the fuckin Proof
(And we got em sayin)

[Oh Lawd! (x2)
Got these n---as sayin
Oh Lawd! (X3)
Got these n---as sayin
Oh Lawd! (x2)
Got these n---as sayin
Oh Lawd!]

Told myself that I'd never work a a 9 to 5
Tryna find a girl who I know would be down to ride
Ain't nobody gonna steal my stride
Nigga nobody gonna steal my stride
In the middle of the line doing better than fine
Cop a milli with these verses then I'll go to Paris so divine
I'm, another God in my own right.
Who is YOU to be plotting all the damn time
Snakes in the grass mow it down for they ass
Finna go an expose all these haters man I'm past
All the bullshit, full clip, aiming for they heads
Got a flow so mean niggas wishing they was in
My circle, urkle, nerdy with lifestyle
Came a long way I'm finna be here for awhile
Never believed in these motherfuckers who be clowning on me
Dollar and a dream hope you haters thinking of me fondly

[Oh Lawd! (x2)
Got these n---as sayin
Oh Lawd! (X3)
Got these n---as sayin
Oh Lawd! (x2)
Got these n---as sayin
Oh Lawd!]

Some people say I'm lame
And some might say that I'm mean
But my team and I gone make it
Lucidly living dreams
Understand what I mean
I got the green for the fiends
Girls see me and scream
Oh lawd
What you really wanna see
You tryna catch me in skinnies
Kick flippin a curb
In the burb or in the city
I can do it for ya homie
Talkin shit out your ass
Yeah you're pretty good at hatin
but I'm better at rap
I'm tryna cause some coertion
By Showing them I'm a person
That's been through shit in his life
But holds a right to assertion
Cuttin bricks like a surgeon
And touchin chicks with perversion
Tryna get you off the bull shit
It's a class in diversion
That's all i got to say
I hate the fact that you're fake
I hate the fact that you hate
You hate the fact that I'm great
Oh lawd there you go you got me goin again
And when you hear me on the fm
Go show your friends


from 727: Sugar Cubes & Experiences, released April 25, 2017
Prod. B*dot*Jeff



all rights reserved


B*dot*Jeff Maryland

From PG County, MD. 301.
Been in 2 bands, and this is my solo Hip Hop music.
Listen. Download. Enjoy. As-Salamu Alaykum.

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